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California DMV Hearings

FROM THE TIME OF YOUR ARREST YOU HAVE ONLY 10 DAYS IN WHICH TO REQUEST A DMV HEARING. If you do not make a timely request for a hearing, your fundamental right to a hearing may be waived and your license will automatically be suspended .This is an administrative hearing in which it is determined whether to suspend or revoke your license, based on the evidence provided by law enforcement. These DMV hearings, which are often done by phone, are best handled by an experienced DUI attorney. There are certain factors that the attorney can bring forward in order to protect your ability to drive. Most individuals on their own would not know what to do or say at a DMV hearing.

LibertyBell Law Group will go to battle for you at the DMV Hearing Once the hearing is set, we demand the DMV produce all evidence against you.  The LibertyBell Law Group carefully analyzes this evidence along with the documents that have been provided to you by the DMV and the police officer. LibertyBell Law Group will identify the legal issues and key facts in your case, pin point the deadlines you must meet and explain all your legal rights and options.

LibertyBell Law Group’s aggressive DUI defense attorneys will represent you both in the Administrative hearing as well as in court for the criminal proceeding. In most cases, we can make an appearance without you in court, saving you time and embarrassment.

What Should You Expect?

The officer will serve you with an Order of Suspension / Revocation.  If you have a valid California driver's license, the officer will confiscate it and send it to the DMV in Sacramento. The pink copy serves as your temporary license for 30 days from the service date.  At the end of the 30 days, the suspension / revocation will be effective.  If the officer did not serve you with this document, you should receive one in the mail to your last known address.  The APS suspension / revocation is independent, that means, separate, from what happens in court.  The court is free to impose additional punishments such as jail time, fines or other criminal penalties appropriate under the California law.  LibertyBell Law Group goes to battle for you!

We can appeal the DMV's decision

The time it takes for the DMV to make a decision depends on the issues being addressed, the amount of evidence presented, and the quality and nature of the evidence presented.  LibertyBell Law Group has reviewed and analyzed numerous hearing officers' decisions, and advised clients on their rights regarding requests for a departmental review and appealing the decision in the superior court.  LibertyBell Law Group has the knowledge and expertise on the substantive and procedural requirements for departmental review and filing appeals and writs in court.

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